Monday, August 25, 2008

Back in Czech

I was greeted back in Czech by a familiar sight. A small boy urinating on a tree at the airport. It was one of those things that just made me sigh and say, "looks like I made it."
On a brighter note, I also ran into one of my students at the airport. It was so nice to see her. She'd just gotten back from a holiday on the beach. Very nice suntan. Made my time in California seem less significant after the bad weather we had at the end of summer in Moscow. Ah well.
I had no trouble getting the bus to Karlovy Vary, and there Jarmila met me and drove me back to Cheb. It was a comforting feeling, driving into town and just knowing everything about the place. She took me directly to my new flat, and it is sooooo nice. It's quite a bit smaller than my old flat, and has a little less storage space, but other than that, it's really quite amazing. So clean and beautiful. I'm really excited about the proximity to everything as well. I think it's going to be great.
Laura, who got in on Saturday night, was also happy to see me here. She's doing a few things on her own today, and then I'll take her around.
I'm just in the office briefly today. Mostly to be online it appears. We still don't have our schedules, but it's going to be a REALLY busy September because we are short a couple of teachers. Tammy is having her surgery next week which puts her out for two weeks, and the other native teacher Jarmila was going to hire was a flop, so we're waiting until October for his replacement. Hope I'm ready for this!

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you had a safe trip and that the apartment is sooooo
nice. We too, are home again. Peaches and ice cream once more and they are now gone. Rowan and Adelia were excited and school starts tomorrow. First grade
Lots of love, Mom