Monday, March 3, 2008

Back from London

Just a short note to say that I had an amazing trip to London last week. God is so good. He provided us with positively AMAZING weather! We're talking sunshine, and only brief moments of rain two of the days we were there. It was truly incredible, considering that London is generally known for it's horrendous rainfall.
Now I'm trying to get back into the swing of things with teaching. Always a bit of a trick.
Please pray for the school here as our boss is looking at a couple of new teaching candidates that are not a part of ESI. It is a very difficult decision for her to make, and could really change the atmosphere here at Winfield college.
It's raining here now, and I'm hoping it will clear up before my walk home this evening. It was really nice to have some time away to be refreshed. London was so completely different from Cheb. And most people spoke English there. It's amazing how much you miss your native language when you hear it from so few people. In Hong Kong I didn't notice it so much because pretty much everyone spoke English there, but here that is not the case. It was also nice to be able to get some American food. Yeah for Subway! We ate there at least 3 times during our stay! Excellent!

Okay, enough for now as I really will be filling you in with all sorts of details soon.

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