Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Prayers appreciated here!

As I'm looking into the skyrocketing airline prices, I would appreciate all the prayers that I can get. Really have to come home, but not sure I'll be able to eat once I get there at the rate the prices are going.
Also, we've pretty much hired the help for next year and I'm a bit worried about him. The students seem to be thinking he's good, but he's already driven me insane and I haven't even really had to deal with him a whole lot. He's in his 50's, American, and a bit of a whiner. Not really looking forward to babysitting him next year.
Lately I've been a bit despondent as well. Just feeling blah. Trying to figure out if I've made the right decision to come back. I mean, I really think I have, but complications with life in general are making being around my family and friends ever so much more appealing than ever. I really NEED to come home for the summer, regardless of the costs, for my own mental well being.
Fortunately, I continue to really enjoy my students. I'm hoping that next year I'll figure out ways to spend more time with them.
Wow, I just looked out the window and the clouds that dropped rain, hail, and sounds of thunder have somehow disappeared with the crazy wind and it now looks positively gorgeous outside my window. I'm expecting it's still less than warm out there, but hopefully the current outlook will help my mood a bit as well. If only I wasn't such an infernally moody creature! Goodness!

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