Monday, March 12, 2007

Three more days!

Well, I must admit I'm starting to think that if I want people to comment I just have to take a REALLLY long time to put up new posts. At least that's how it appears when I check on other people's pages. (sigh) Just a shout out to anyone who reads this, I always like to get comments. So far I've managed to get at least one every time, so I try to hold out at least that long.
Anyhow, this note is mostly to let people know that I'll probably be a pretty pathetic slacker over the next couple of weeks as I will be flying southward come Thursday. I have a rather hideous 11 1/2 hour layover in Seattle, so I won't actually arrive in Oregon until Friday, but it's not exactly my first time in an airport, so I guess I can't complain too much. I use the word "so" a lot. Some habits are so hard to break. Ha ha. Don't bother counting up how many times I write "well" and "anyhow" either. It's rather horrific, but everyone has to have catch words, right?
Now, I'll try to finish this up without using any of those words again. It's definitely going to be a struggle. They're just such amazing filler/transition words.
While I have passed my initial 6 week deadline for getting in my support, they haven't kicked me off the team yet. I just got an e-mail encouraging me and all other team players to keep working hard to get the finances in, which goes to show I'm not the only one in this position. As of yet I don't know a whole lot about what the team situation is going to look like, but will fill people in as I gain more understanding myself.
On that note, let me add that I am positively ecstatic to have only two days of teaching left before I get to go on Holiday!
Wow, I actually managed not to use any of those words in the last few paragraphs. Go me! :)

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Anonymous said...

"Go on Holiday"? You sound European already. Love ya, Jan