Monday, March 5, 2007

Mush on you Malamutes!

Well, the Iditarod is on! It was great fun to go out and nearly freeze to death yesterday, watching the beginning of the race. Hard to believe those crazy people (and dogs) are now somewhere out in the wilds trying desperately to stay warm. I can safely say I'm not likely to join them anytime in the near future! You can see the starting line in the background here. With me are my sister Cheryl, her husband Tim, and their three daughters: Haley, Tekla, and Naomi.
These dogs running are the first ones in the race. The dogs all just looked so excited to be out there in all that insane coldness. I've decided to cheer for Musher #24 because he gave me a high five as he went by. Every now and then it's fun to get into the whole crowd mentality. Brings back those old Cheer leader days...yeah, never mind.
I finally got my newsletter sent out today so hopefully you're all feeling updated on all that's going on with me these days. I'll be sure to update again soon.

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ruthjanine said...

Looks freezing!! We just had a couple of days of 42 degrees! What a contrast hey!