Thursday, March 1, 2007

All things Alaskan

Just thought I'd share a couple Alaska things here and put up some pictures. The Iditarod starts on Sunday, so we went last night and checked out some of the ice sculptures. It was pretty cool, and when I say cool what I mean is so cold that I thought my fingers were going to fall off! I still managed to snap a few pictures while wearing massive gloves.
I also got to see the Northern Lights on Tuesday night. It wasn't a very large display, but they were definitely drifting specter-like across the northern skyline. Obviously I don't have a fancy enough camera to do them justice so no photos this time. I always tried to take skyline photos at night in Hong Kong and that never worked out very well either. (sigh) Someday I'll take that photography course, but until then, you'll just have to make due with what my lovely little digi can do. I really thought the ones of Godzilla attacking the city were cool!

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Joni said...

Those look awesome!! Wayyyy too cold for me, but someday it would be fun to see! LOL.