Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Sinister Plot Twist

I'm writing my end note at the beginning for reasons that will quickly reveal themselves. Another downside to writing this on my tablet, besides the ridiculousness of the messy keyboard autocorrect functions, is that it won't let me to back to a place to correct it, unless it is one of two pre selected locations. Even worse, when I just wanted to go back to the end and create this end note, it would only let me return to the very beginning. So in advance, I ask for your forgiveness for whatever blunders you may uncover in the following lines...
We have a couple different computers in various levels of decay. Mine is so overloaded with photos, despite trying to limit myself and clear them off at least semi regularly, that I can't add any, remove any, or update my system to allow a connection with any other photo holding devices. So when I have a chance, I have been using my husband's old laptop because blogger has not figure out a good way to let me upload directly from my phone or tablet, despite the option appearing to be there, the help topics saying it works, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app more than once.
Yesterday, I had a wonderful opportunity to load some pictures, with plans to write about them over the course of the week. I should also note that, due to a series of events, we have only one cord that our various laptops share,and considering the age of them, the batteries no longer hold a charge, so it is necessary to be attached in order to operate them. Consequently, I unplugged his and plugged in mine to do my workout video, because the DVD reader on his is defunct. After said workout and shower, I was ready to do another blog post, only to discover that the light on the charger was out. I tried it several times, even went back and put it into mine, which worked fine, then returned it to his. No change, no charge.
All this to say, there will be no cute puppy on the beach post today :( I'm still hoping this is something that can be remedied, but I'm not holding my breath...

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