Monday, January 27, 2014

It Seems Appropriate

There are so many things you read when you start thinking about publishing online. Back when I finished the first draft of my book I was still in Czech and actually had time. I spent hours reading blogs and looking over different sites about self publishing and all the things you have to do to get your name out there.

I started working on some of those things. I opened a twitter account. I linked other writers to my blog, and bookmarked even more so I could stay connected to ideas. I was ready to get out there and make a name for myself so that when it came time to put my work out before the whole wide world I would already have a crowd of interested readers breathing down my neck in their impatience to consume that which I had created.

Becoming a business owner definitely took it's toll on the self promotion web storm. Instead, at the time of actual publication I was so busy with the shop that about all I managed to do was put a couple posts on facebook letting people know, and giving out the free download code.

I have since managed to convince about thirty of my family and friends to download the book, and a few of them even opted to pay for it. Just think about it. The wonder of knowing that people actually bought a book I wrote. Pretty amazingly cool when it all sinks in.

There are still a few tweaks I need to make in the file. Despite the fact that the Christmas rush is over, we have been steadily at work making the store fresh, so I still haven't taken the time get it all downloaded correctly in order to be included in the Smashwords Premium Catalog, and it is yet to be made available on the Apple Bookstore or Amazon, but it will happen...hopefully sooner than later.

Anyone interested in seeing my book live online can check it out at Still awfully cool to see my name in print, even if it is just digital. Here's a look at the magic my husby worked on changing one of my photos into a magical cover.

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