Monday, January 20, 2014

Best Intentions

Ever have he best laid plans, only to have two months past and no posts? Hmmm... I've let it all just go, but that certainly doesn't mean nothing has happened. I've had plenty of post thoughts, and yet nothing to show for it. Probably wan't the best chance to publish my book right before the busiest time of the year for a gift shop owner. Still, I did it. Maybe not the traditional way, but The Darkening Dragons By Sarah Everest is now available online.
In other news, my birthday brought a new member to our family, the fantastic Kiff. A white bundle of nervousness, and energy. He's a two year old, ten pound terrier mix with a tragic mystery background that has left him petrified of men. Today, he suffered e horror of a shower and a shave by yours truly, yet he still turns to me rather than accepting kindness from Marek. Tragic, really, but we are working through it.
We survived a busy Christmas season, which ended with a very quiet Christmas with just the three of us. In all, despite crazy busy work times, we were alone and chill for my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Then we got sick, which meant New Years was exactly the same.
Things have slowed down a bit, but hat means extra behind the scenes work at the store in an attempt to keep things going. Oh the joys of retail.
I realize this is not the most poetic or interesting update, but getting back into it has to start somewhere, and here I am. Hopefully writing will be the trend, rather than silence in the new year. I'm still here, and still have a thing or two to say...

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