Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Soon Umbrellas Must Make Everything Rainy

I love summertime, and I'm not ashamed to say it. Sunshine is my friend. It makes my world seem more balanced, more right. And yet I have returned to the land of rainy gray seasons that take up the better part of the year. We have been so blessed to have an amazingly beautiful summer, but now the mornings are downright chilly, and very soon I'll be heading home in the dark.

In honor of these last few blissful days of blue skies and warm temperatures, I thought it best to post some of my summer pics that have been left out for too long.

This summer things in my family made a big change. Last year I was the final member of my siblings to get married, this summer my nephew, Ryder, had his day in the sun as he welcomed his beautiful bride Lauren into our family.

The wedding took place up at the Mt Ashland Ski Lodge just south of Medford. The weather was beautiful, although at that ele
vation the chill in the air didn't take long to show up as we headed into the evening.

The ceremony was beautiful, and it was quite amazing to watch my Dad, just a few days before his own 50th anniversary, perform his grandson's service. It was also great to see my nephews all dressed up :)

After the Mr. and Mrs. were announced, we had the chance to follow them in a little ride.

I enjoyed having the chance to have a little romantic ride with my Love as well ;)

We caught up with the bride and groom at the top of the mountain.

Then we headed back down for a fabulous dinner, followed by the amazing wedding cake that Lauren made. If only I had known her better at our wedding, I would have WAY rather had her make our cake. It would no doubt have been a thousand times better than the pathetically tipping cake that we had.

Also, at the wedding, I met my new niece, Myrtle, for the first time. Here she is with her cousin Jack who gave himself the title of "The Baby Whisperer."

Stay tuned. Next time I'll put up some photos of the incredible week we spent with the whole family in honor of my parent's 50th anniversary.

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Ramona McBeth said...

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