Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Now Entering...Full-Time...

Not sure if I should be jumping up and down, or questioning what I was thinking as I venture, potentially, into the world of Full-Time retail worker. It's not all 100% official just yet, they still have to get all the big wigs to sign off their approval, but yesterday I had my interview with the "District Manager" and she seemed pretty excited to get me on the fast track to the management team. This rather surprised me since in all my other dealings with her I wasn't worth the time of day. Suddenly, I've entered into the realm of reality in her book. Ah well.
So here's how my day went yesterday. I came to work at the normal time, got started helping organize everything as it came in off the truck, and then received the call. Originally the interview was going to be at our store here in Moscow, but since things have kinda gone insane at the Lewiston store due to staffing changes, it was requested that I head over thata way. It was agreed that I could be spared at the moment by my own team, so I hurried out to my car, thinking that I'd just do the interview, maybe help them out a wee bit (they get their truck at 4:30 or some such ungodly hour and I figured they should be just about done by then anyway) and then be back to finish things on our end. Listened to a little Sufjan Stevens to help soothe my nerves, and headed over the mountain and down the wickedly winding road (think Walk Two Moons people)to Lewiston.
Naturally, when heading to an interview, you expect to be, well, interviewed. However, when I arrived I was informed that the person I was there to meet wasn't there after all. Instead I was instantly ushered into their stock room and expected to just pick up where I'd left off at my store. Only things weren't the same. Everything was slightly askew, as though the entire process had been tilted. Didn't exactly help to speed up my processing time. Plus, I ended up doing shoes, which I've only done a total of twice at my store. Not exactly an expert on that one. I was the chosen one for apparel, and that's pretty much where I've stayed.
Anyhow, after a couple hours of hanging I did have the interview. As stated before, it went well. While I did fumble a bit over a few questions, like why I wanted the job, etc. she seemed well enough impressed. It was quite obvious that she hadn't read my application, because when she asked about my past jobs, the list and locations had her pretty much flabbergasted. Always fun to blow people's minds with the sheer randomness of my life itinerary.
Once the interview was complete I was sent back to work. At my lunch break, where the "DM" had graciously bought pizza for those who worked late, I checked my phone and learned that my normal boss had called, begging me to come back quickly because we had 36 boxes of apparel. For those not in the know, when we have 20 we know we've got our work cut out for us. 36? That's just not even reasonable. So as soon as I helped them get their truck settled away, I hurried back to Moscow to take on a few more boxes and run them to the floor. I'll confess, I did feel a little like Superwoman today. (A much better title than the acronym insinuated when my manager dubbed me "Super Sarah." Yes, there were a few tasteless jokes tossed around that day.)
The moral of this story is, yesterday was a long day, and I'm now running rapidly down the path to full-time/management position. I wonder if this greater authority role will give me the right to start teaching grammar lessons? Just sayin.'


Anonymous said...

How exciting! I'm proud of you! How will this affect your trip to CZ? or does it?

Transient Drifter said...

It doesn't. I'll just have more hours and better pay for a couple months. I haven't told them yet that I'm leaving. Plus it should help me get a better job when I come back. It's all official now, so that's useful. We'll see how it all goes :)