Friday, September 16, 2011

Meet me at the Fair!

It's fair time here in Latah county. Nothing quite like a small county fair in the heart of farming country. While know fair I've ever been to can be compared to the Leoti fair (a fair so cool they own all their own rides and only charge a quarter for each ride!) this one was quaint indeed. The fact that they still have free admission was a definite bonus, but they manage to inflate the prices of everything else so the carnies make out okay.
Before heading out tonight, Mark was a bit uncertain about the whole affair. The idea of farmer kids bringing in their prize pig, especially with the thought that the award winning prize will ring in the best price per pound, was a bit of a stretch for him. In the end, however, I think even the swine won him over.
All the classics were present and accounted for. Random booths with drawings and freebies, sheep, pigs, cows, goats, bunnies and chickens all groomed to perfection, kiddie rides and over priced impossible to win games, baked goods, art projects and random collections, and of course a hearty dose of over priced greasy food. Pretty much perfect.
After experiencing a real theme park earlier this summer, the rides didn't hold much appeal. That was probably a good thing, seeing as how it costs an arm and a leg to buy a single ticket, and each ride requires at least 3 for a 30 second ride. We did, however, break down and try a game. It's pretty incredible how they sucker you in. First, they always look easier to win than they really are. Then, even when you do win something, you could have paid twenty cents for it at 9riental trading company. The really big prizes require wasting so much money that it's purely unthinkable. But that next great payout always looks soooo close. (Sigh)
Naturally, we had to check out the chickens that Rowan and Adelia entered for judging. Rowan won Grand Champion for one of the most boring brown chickens ever. Apparently the fact that its feathers weren't bleached out was very impressive...Adelia was pretty crushed that her lovely bird didn't bring home the title, but what can you do?
Looking at the photography made me wonder why I've never entered the competition. Maybe one of these days. I've got some pretty postcard worthy shots if I do say so myself.
After the fair we celebrated payday with a trip to Starbucks where I learned that one of our regular baristas won a blue ribbon for his apricot jam. Who knew.
Well, it's been a very long week and the days when I could thrive on 4 hours of sleep are long gone so i'd best get some rest before the new day dawns and there are yard sales to attend...

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Lisa said...

sounds like our fair...glad you all had fun. :-)