Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekend Trip to Glacier National Park

Over this past weekend Mark and I were able to go and visit my parents in Seeley Lake, Montana where they've been serving at a small VM church for the past several months. They'll be finishing up their time there next weekend, so this was our last chance to visit them there and enjoy the beauty of their location. The whole time I was there I kept thinking about the time Rebecca there in 2008.
Unfortunately, due to a long hard winter, only 16 miles of road were open from the West Entrance. We would have enjoyed being able to wander around more, but we did the best with what we were able to do.

We headed in by McDonald Lake and then continued along and stopped at different places along the way. I could spend all sorts of time trying to come up with descriptions to do the place justice, but the pictures tell it better.

It was really great to have the chance to spend some time cruising around with Mom and Dad. We were also joined by Mitzi and Trixie just because.

The river provided lots of lovely views and posing opportunities.

On our way to take a break by the souvenir station, we did have a nice encounter with nature. Since I wasn't as ridiculous as the people who got out of their cars to take photos of the bear my photos don't do it justice, but it was pretty cool to watch a bear just enjoying a bite twenty feet away from us.

We enjoyed the local transport, although we stuck with our own car for the ride.

Then we went for a little nature walk to St. John's Lake. I'm pretty sure that was what it was called at least.

In all it was a really beautiful trip. We all enjoyed the chance to see these natural marvels. It would be nice to go back some day and see a bit more of the place, but for the time being we did enjoy the visit.
I'll leave the rest of our trip for the next post since I had so many pictures for this post.

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Lisa said...

very beautiful! I'm glad you all got to visit it! I love being out in nature. :-)