Friday, June 3, 2011


When you work in a retail store there are certain things you have to do in order to keep your sanity. Today I spent about 6 hours hanging clothes. That's not normal. And it's not like they just come all ready to put on the hangers either. They're often wrapped in one or two plastic bags, and may even be hung on hangers that have to be thrown away because they don't conform to store standards. (Note: it is impossible to understand why people can't hang clothes back in the right place since they are all so clearly marked and organized. This could come under the heading of "rant" as well.) In order not to succumb to the monotony, or get positively irritated every time I stick a hard tack in my finger, I tell myself that processing clothes, or household items, is like Christmas.
I'm a bit of an odd duck and I've always loved opening plastic. I love the feeling of pulling off the crinkly clear coverings of CDs, DVDs, or anything else that is trapped inside the stuff. So I just try to convince myself that it's just as much fun to pull it off when I know it will be going to the home of someone I don't even know, as when it's coming home with me. Besides, I don't have any space of my own for more stuff anyway, so it's better to be able to find a little joy in these moments, rather than cluttering up my life any more than necessary.
Had a nice past week with my parents around. Kept us extra busy. Mark and I got a lot of painting done in my Dad's shop, so hopefully when they move back here in a couple of weeks it'll be more workable.
Now I'm just so thankful it's the weekend and that I'll finally have a chance to sleep in tomorrow. Rumor has it there will be sun and temperatures as high as the low 70's. I know that sounds rather tragic for the beginning of June, but in contrast to what it's been that's basically amazing. Here's to hope that it all turns out and manages to stick around for a while.
And now let us usher in the weekend together!

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