Monday, May 2, 2011

Into the Swing

And so it flows. Life captures a rhythm and catapults me into a running momentum. The days begin to blend. Their flavor softens into a dull monotone. Get up. Throw self together. Head out the door. Then rush rush rush and say that it all matters, all the while knowing it'll be the same again the next day and the next.
I got called in for an extra shift on Saturday. Mark and I were enjoying the beautiful sunshine, walking around the Moscow cemetery when the call came in. Not sure if I mentioned the last cemetery we went to in one of my posts. If not, it was a pretty incredible place. (Yes, this is an aside in the middle of a paragraph again. I swear I don't do this when I write for "real.") It was a small family cemetery mostly. Many of the stones must have been damaged beyond recognition only to be replaced by little plaques saying things like "Mrs. Johnson" when they couldn't figure everything out. The one we were at Saturday sprawls out over a quiet green hillside. The stones are varied and numerous. The old section is, well, quite old. There was clear evidence of hard eras when, perhaps, a bout of influenza cleared a bunch of people out. The large baby section is a quiet witness to just how hard it was for life to press on in those pioneer days. There is even a solitary crypt, as well as a couple plots that reveal a strong European influence.
It's always remarkable to wander through these peaceful burial grounds, reminded of all that has come before, and how all that is will one day be. We're all just travelers after all. Temporary pilgrims in this war tossed world. I wish it were easier for us to find rest and joy in the time we spend here, but, as evidenced by current events, we're not very good at doing that. (sigh)
Anyhow, I got a few extra hours of work in the middle of the weekend. I can use what I can get to be sure. Better to be someone they can count on than hoarding my time off. Plus, since I haven't been register trained, I got to work on "projects" the whole time. Things like colorizing the ties (exercise in futility) and making the ends of rows all pretty and themed. In toys I created a Princess display in honor of the Royal Wedding. I wasn't one of those who got up early in the morning to watch the proceedings, but I did take in a rerun just for the fun of it. Mark and I both remarked on how easy it must have been for them. They could just say, "I'd like this" and it was done and more than paid for. Far less stress. Well, except for the bit about having the whole world watching.
After the fabulous weather we had yesterday, it appears that the clouds have returned. At least it's not too cold. We were really able to enjoy the day. (Another aside, a big branch just fell on the roof. It was so loud I was afraid a tree might have fallen, but it doesn't look like it did any damage so all is well.) Anyhow, we checked out a park we'd never been too, played a game of soggy Frisbee (I still totally lack throwing talent) and checked out the Renaissance Fair. In all, a busy and enjoyable Sunday. So nice not to have to be bundled up for a change. Yes, I'm totally looking forward to Summer. Hopefully we'll have one this year.
My parents are home for a few days which changes the color of life around here as well. It's always nice to see them and to catch up on the little adventure they're having out in Montana. All the same, that work schedule pattern has got me in it's grasp and I know that time will continue spinning faster and faster with each passing day until I suddenly discover myself old and gray...horrifically frightening thought, perhaps even more so in rhyme...

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