Sunday, January 31, 2010

Feels like a record

Okay, so it's actually not even close to a record, not even for me, but having more than five posts for the month of January is rather refreshing. And in honor of the accomplishment I'm just going to write one more. It's going to be a short one, but it feels good to be so up to date!
I had a three day weekend this week which was nice. Rather refreshing, especially since I won't have any sort of break again until Spring break which is the second week of March. I'm already looking forward to it, as my parents will come for a visit. It's time to really start figuring out what all I'm going to do with them. I think it will all be quite amazing though.
This was a nice weekend. We had our pub night on Friday, so I wasn't able to go anywhere for the weekend like I'd been hoping for. Still, it all worked out for the best. There was a small turnout, but I had a really good talk with my one daily student who came, Tyna, and I met some people who are Czech but have been living in the US for a long time. Turns out they were actually in Moscow, ID in September of all things, and they know someone who works at the University. We were all amazed by what a small world it truly is.
On Saturday Mark's family picked me up and we went together to Plzen to see Avatar in 3D. It really was quite the experience. I must say that it blew Spy Kids 3D out of the water. (yes, that's the only other 3D movie I've ever been to. In my defense, it was with children, a lot of children that I'm related to.) Anyhow, we all enjoyed the movie. It was a little difficult for me to follow everything since it was in Czech, but it's a very visually stimulating movie, so I was at least able to follow most of what was happening. It would be nice to see it again in English so I can fill in all the plot that I missed, but it was still good fun.
Today Mark and I rode with his dad up into the mountains around Marainske Lazne. Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera, but it was definitely a sight to behold. Mark's Dad took some pictures on his phone, so maybe I'll have a chance to add them here later. Anyhow, we greatly enjoyed the drive up there. The trees were so heavily laden with snow that their branches hung down vertically instead of being horizontal. Some of the smaller trees looked like little men with their heads bowed all wrapped up in long white cloaks. Perhaps a spell was cast over them all, or maybe they were merely waiting for a chance to reach out and nab some small unsuspecting passerby.
We walked around for a little while, after having strudel and cappuccinos in a little hunting lodge cafe. They told me that the hunting houses there were actually built in Switzerland and then transported and rebuilt in Czech. Pretty fascinating. Really do wish I'd brought my camera (sigh) I'm scarcely ever without it, but Mark convinced me I didn't need to carry my whole bag...
Anyhow, it was a lovely afternoon and a great weekend over all. Now I'd best move toward bed since tomorrow is Monday and a new month and the beginning of my challenge not to drink Coke for a while. It's been quite popular to do this of late, and I decided that the best way to prove to myself that I really can give up soda is to actually attempt to do so. So February is hopefully going to be a coke free zone at the very least. We'll see how it goes...maybe I'll be able to blog more with less caffeine...and maybe not ;)

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