Monday, January 11, 2010


So I rather made a mess of December. Only three posts. Truly tragic. (sigh) I'll do my best to see to it that January makes up for it. Well, at least a bit. It's snowing here in Cheb as I write this. Big fluffy flakes are lazily drifting from a white/gray sky. Snow sky is always such an interesting color. It's like you can just see all those flakes holding the clouds together until they can gently be shaken out. We have quite a bit of snow on the ground here already. It makes the trek to school softer, prettier, and more treacherous. Still haven't fallen here, although I did fall on my hike up to Kelly's place this weekend. It's lovely out in a sense, but I can't say that the thought of going out in it and walking all the way to my Czech class is overly appealing at the moment. Ah well. This is getting me nowhere. So I've decided to do this post in several sections. I think I'll start off this one with some pictures that I should have posted before Christmas. So maybe this will be quite short, and then I'll do more for the next post. It just makes sense to type them in different sections even if I try to get a few done today. So here are some pictures from my little advent concert in the church in Hazlov.

I'm going to attempt to add a video now. I had a lot of trouble the last time I did this, it took forever, but I'm going to give it a go, and if it doesn't work then this little bit of the note will disappear.

Okay, it's trying to upload it now, so I hope it will all work out. It's not overly exciting, just a bit of my singing. For the mother and all. I don't think I showed it to her when I was at home, so this one's for her.
Now I've just got a couple shots from our last day of class before break. We had a little Christmas party with our daily students, and in my section they had to create a Christmas card. None of them ended up really looking like Christmas cards, but they all seemed to have a good time, which is what matters ultimately :)

I think the mobile was my favorite one. They've definitely got some creativity.
And so I finished up the school year and headed off on my way. I figure it's best to leave things in Cheb in one section, and then move on to my time at home in a separate accounting. Well, I've a feeling that the video didn't work, but I just can't spend my entire day waiting for it to go through. So I'll publish as is for the moment, and maybe try again some other time. There honestly must be a better way to make it work, because I know other people publish videos all the time, but I seem rather hopeless at it. Ah well.

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