Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Internet Woes

I have to say that not having the internet functioning at home really gets me down. Today, I could be snug and safe in my own little flat, typing away on all the business I need to get done, but instead I'm sitting in my office. It's so frustrating when it decides not to work. The past couple of days it has said that it is connected, but when I try to run firefox or safari, nothing happens. GRRR!!!
So this will just be a really brief update.
I spent most of this past weekend on a train. It takes about 8 hours to get to Ostrava from Cheb. They're basically on opposite sides of the country. You really can't get much farther apart in the Czech Republic. I was standing for about three of those hours, but I had plenty of space and I wasn't feeling sick, so it really wasn't a super big deal. I was still even able to read my book. Too bad the book wasn't much worth reading (it was Jurassic Park).
I was greeted by Lydia and Gina at the train station, and had a really nice dinner with them. The only bad part was that we were sitting right by the cook who seemed utterly fascinated by our use of English. We felt a bit like celebrities. Really not all it's cracked up to be. Then I was able to go out with Gina to talk about how things are going for her this year in Ostrava.
On Saturday it seemed as though Spring had suddenly decided to arrive. The sun made an appearance, and the weather outside was nearly 50 degrees. It was really quite spectacular. I'm beginning to think the weather there is always pleasant, seeing as how it was that way when I was there in October as well. I was able to meet with the other three girls, Lydia, Jonna, and Laura, to talk about life as well. It was such a great opportunity to get to know them all better, and I hope that I was able, at least in some small way, to be an encouragement to all of them at this half way point in the year.
Lydia and Gina made an amazing chicken taco salad dinner, and we had a great time visiting. We went to a movie that turned out not to be any good, but later the three of us played card games and had a lot of fun. Of course, as usual, it was extra fun because I ended up winning in the very last round. Perhaps it's because I'm the baby of the family, but I still don't like playing games when I have no chance of winning them whatsoever. Pathetic, I know, but the truth.
Sunday I was back on the train for another long ride. I made it safely and smoothly back to Cheb and had a good laugh with my compartment companion at a trio of people walking with a couple of dogs and two beautiful clean white sheep. It was bizarre, that's really all I can say about it.
Now the week is well underway and I'm gearing up for my trip to Prague this weekend. All these weekend engagements really do make the time fly. Can't believe February is already half way over!

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