Thursday, April 3, 2008

When it rains it pours

and I write a little more frequently. Our stellar weather has gone all April on me, and we've been having what I described to my class as "torrential downpours." Fortunately they've been fairly sparse. Rather like afternoons in Hong Kong, only a WHOLE lot colder. At least there hasn't been any more snow this week.
During a break in the clouds, Tammy and I went on a little outing with a few of our students today. When they got out of class they invited us to come along and try out the bumper cars with them. A small impromptu carnival has been set up in the parking lot, reminiscent of small town USA complete with Haunted House, spinning swings, and a Lion King ride with substitute animal characters that would look very out of place in a jungle.
The guys weren't sure if it would be open or not, given the weather and time of day, but they were certain that the prospect of making a few krowns would undoubtedly encourage them to start things up for us. Sure enough, the entire place was looking like a ghost town when we arrived. A large dark German Shepherd let us know that this was his turf we were trespassing on.
A man, in typical carnie attire, came over to us and said something in Czech - no surprises there. Henry convinced him that we were paying customers, and that it would be worth his while to let us go a couple of rounds. What fun! Having "invited" us, the Martin and Zbynek paid for the first round of rides, then Tammy and I turned the tables and offered to pay for the second. It was a total blast. I don't remember the last time I was in bumper cars, but I wouldn't mind hitting the place up again before they leave in a couple of weeks. There are some very exciting head on collisions, as well as some great side shots. I really do miss my car!
After two rounds we thanked the man for letting us take the cars for a spin, and headed back to the school. In all, it was a great little interlude before getting back to the work of the day, and before the Heavens burst forth with rain once more.

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