Wednesday, April 23, 2008

For the sake of saying something

I don't know that I really have a whole lot to say just now. I just feel like I should post something. It's a nice day out today. I'm really thankful for that. I walked down by the river on my way to work today, checking out all the visiting birds and the newly budding trees. I think Spring really is doing it's best to take on Cheb. Slowly but surely. There was a man fishing with two poles, and I saw a pretty big fish jump, so there must be something decent out there. I watched the ducks lazing by the side of the river. I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for any sign of ducklings. There were mostly drakes out, so there is hope that somewhere, hopeful mother ducks are sitting on their eggs to protect them from whatever crazy weather might be thrown in their direction this time of year.
I walked up by the castle (it's always so fun to be able to say that!) and made my way past my hopeful future dwelling place and through the square. It was warm enough I had to take off my coat even. Yes, there is hope yet that there will be positive changes in the weather.
I'm in the office now. Oh the joy. Have some lessons that need planning, and a quarter of a can of coke I need to finish off, possibly with a Cadbury egg from Julie Sousa :) My dentist students about had a conniption fit when I told them I drink a can of soda every day. Sometimes more...They're sure my teeth are all going to rot out of my head. Reminds me of the dentist I had as a kid who wouldn't let his kids have any sugar on their cereal, and told Dad he should give up eating fruit! As if! So maybe coke isn't the healthiest choice, but I just love the burn as it runs down my throat, all cold and hot at the same time. And then there's that little kick that I keep telling myself the caffeine gives me.
Kelly, our leader from Prague, is in town today to sign our contracts for next year. It's pretty official by this point. As if it wasn't already before. I've got another year stretching out ahead of me, and it's hard not to spend most of my time wondering how things will be next year. I really want to take these days, one at a time, and enjoy them for the moments they are, rather than comparing them with how they might be different next year. Living in the moment is a whole lot harder than it sounds!

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