Monday, February 11, 2008

A week to decide

The finish line is in my sights. I have only a week left to go back and forth about my plans for next year. As of next Monday I must sign in with my official decision whether to stick it out another year, or head back to the great confusion which is life in the United States.
At this point I must say, rather surprisingly, that I'm leaning toward staying. While there is a great possibility that most of the people I've grown really close to so far will not be returning next year, God has really been reminding me that He is the one in control. He knows the things that I am able to bear, and will not put me in a situation that is beyond my abilities. Besides, I think there is still a lot of work for me to do here. It has been said, over and over again, the Spring is the time of year when relationships begin to really open up with students, and I'm really hoping that's true. I feel like, thus far, I haven't really had a chance to get to know them at all beyond the confines of the classroom, and I really would like to. I think often, by showing the ability to commit, people become more open to the idea of really getting to know the foreigners who have seemingly invaded their world. I would like to have a chance to develop some of these friendships, and I really don't see much of any way to do that if I leave after only one school year.
I still haven't set anything in stone just yet, and would definitely appreciate all the prayers I can get at this juncture. In my life of constant change and revision, the thought of even momentary stability is rather nice, albeit fleeting. So if you think of me at all this week, please pray that I'll know for sure the direction I'm meant to lean.

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Joni said...

You are so right on about everything. You are a wise one my friend. It is so great to see God working in your life and being able to use you.