Saturday, November 3, 2007

Oh the photos I have to post!

So it's sorta been a while since I put up new photos. For those of you who are regular subscribers, I do apologize, but not having internet at my flat makes it rather tedious to get it done. Anyhow, I'll to my best to do a rapid sort of photo tour to keep everyone up to date.
Last weekend, I had a fabulous time in Karlovy Vary with my friends Naomi and Crystal. We took in the sites, and enjoyed the marvelous cuisine that only McDonalds can provide. Amazing how it's the little things that can really make the days brighter. At the same time, as we walk the streets of small European towns, every now and then we must remind ourselves that these very streets are quite amazing. Unlike cities on the west, few of which date back more than two hundred years, even "modern" structures here retain their ancient roots. I'm not even sure exactly what they're made of. So to remind ourselves of the pure grandeur we have to take photos of ourselves with them every now and again.

We had a lovely time wandering around the town. Naomi wasn't feeling well so she went to relax a bit while I convinced Crystal to try out a random trail with me. We made our way over moss covered rocks, our feet crunching the leaves with every step, until we came out at a small pavilion/tower. We reveled in the fact that such treasures exist at the end of trails here, and proceeded to check it out. The view from the top was particularly spectacular.

The rest of the weekend we took it pretty easy. A good thing since I ended up catching whatever it was that Naomi had. The sickness came at the beginning of a really busy week. My teammate Tammy had her birthday on Tuesday, so we went out in the evening after class. Then Wednesday was Halloween. We threw a party for our daily students, which was filled with several typical Halloween activities, as well as, naturally, Costumes!
Well, I had more pictures to put up, but for some reason blogger has decided it doesn't want to comply, so you'll just have to wait to see my lovely students in costume.

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