Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A photo selection for you:)

At long last I'm getting around to putting up some photos from my trip to Prague. As the weather would always seem to have it, there were buckets of rain coming down today, but I still persevered and drug my computer to school hidden in a plastic bag so it wouldn't get wet. I had it in it's case as well, but it just didn't seem quite secure enough for me. Well, without further ado, let me get along to the photos:

These first few photos are all pictures around Old town in Prague. The first is of a church or something, in one of the squares, the next one is of Wenceslas Square. I thought that one was really cool. There were a bunch of emo kids sitting around the base of the statue of Wenceslas. They're taking over the world...Then there are couple with the Charles Bridge.
And here are some pictures of my main distractions for the Prague Reality Czech weekend! How cute are they!

As you can see, Jack and I were pals!

It was sad to have to leave everyone, but it was really nice to hang out. Here are Joseph, Crystal and I enjoying a ride on public transport in Prague:

Life does continue to go on in our nice sleepy little town of Cheb. Last weekend our friends Che and Crystal came over for the afternoon and we went hiking on Zelena Hora (Green Hill). There is a watchtower on top of the hill that gives a view of Cheb and the surrounding areas. From one side you can look over into Germany as well. It was pretty cool to hang out up there.

When we were hiking up to the tower I also found an old German Cemetery. I always enjoy checking out cemeteries and this one was very nice and simple:

And now I'll leave you with one last photo that I found to be particularly profound...

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Anonymous said...

What fun pix, Sarah. And the commentary that went with them was fun, too. Take care. Love ya. Jan