Friday, September 7, 2007

End of the Week

So, one week down! Woohoo! I have survived a week of teaching English, and I'm still breathing. What a relief! Really, it wasn't so bad. The worst bit has been coming up with lesson plans. Yesterday I started working at about 10AM and didn't finish until 8PM when my second class of the evening was over. So draining.
So there are no exciting new pictures for the week because everything was just work, work, WORK. It's good, but it's nice to be at the weekend and be able to play for a day or two. Of course Sunday I will be planning 4 classes for Monday. It'll be draining but eventually I'm sure I'll get used to it. The schedule reminds me a lot of when I had to work Both Shift at Mother's Choice. It is easy to spend the whole day just being at work. Especially because right downstairs is hypernova, a very exciting grocery store. So basically I just call them upstairs and downstairs and pretend that this is where I live because I pretty much do. Now there is a sentence I would NOT be using with my English classes! Already I'm forgetting how to speak.
Okay, it's Friday so for now, I am DONE!

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Crystal said...

Sarah, you have to go see the comment from Hong Kong on one of my latest blog posts. I'm sure it will amuse you.