Saturday, August 18, 2007

Running out of words...

Titles really weren't coming to me. So I gave up on trying to find one. Things are really winding down around here. Practicum is over, we've all passed our tests, now we're just sitting around for the weekend so we can be commissioned and get outta here! Pretty crazy. Part of our Central Europe team left last night for Slovakia. The exodus hath begun!
I just wanted to throw in a few highlights from the last week or so. I've even got a few photos to go along to keep things all fun and exciting.
This past week has been pretty busy. We had a party for our practicum classes and even had a movie star there to help with the presentation. That was fascinating. They did a little promo with shots from his films before he got up to talk, after which he gave a disclaimer thanking God that he wasn't actually at all like the characters he had portrayed. Anyhow, his name is Marco Rodriguez for those interested in an IMDB search. All of our classes were presented with certificates and then the preformed for all the guests. It was good fun. Probably the most exciting part was that we got to enjoy food from all over the place. We had a mix of Central and South American dishes, along with a little something from Korea and Armenia. I think my favorite was the Peruvian rice that one of my students brought. So cool.
We also had our TEFL test this week. I am now certified in TEFL or some such. I'm not sure exactly what all it counts for, but it is enough for what I'm going to be doing this year, so that's cool. I still can't actually teach anywhere stateside, but that's the joy of bureaucracy after all.
So after a whirlwind week, I'm pretty much done and waiting. We're having potato pancakes made by our Czech teacher, Pavel, this afternoon so that should be fun. Then tomorrow Rebekah is coming to take me away for a day or two. I'm looking forward to seeing her since it's been over a year since we last were together at Jessie's wedding. Then, dark and early Wednesday AM, we'll be whisked away to the airport for some heavy duty flying. I'm looking forward to actually going with a group. It's been a long time since I flew with a group, so it should be good fun.
Well, as promised, here are some photos.

Here we have the Czech team on photo day. A fun lovin' group we are!
Deanna and I were really excited about our chance to go to Hollywood, but you really can't see the sign very well in this next picture unless you zoom in really close. Ah well!

We checked out some of the footprints at the Chinese Theatre.

Then we actually went to China town which was a lot of fun for me. I even taught them Hong Kong pose!

On Sunday we went to the beach in Santa Monica. I know it looks like all we do is play, but those are always the most interesting photos. You don't really want to see us sitting for hour upon hour in sessions! So here's a fun beach shot!

And now the photos you've been waiting for:
The glorious food, the movie star, and my little practicum class!

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