Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Almost gone!

Only a few short hours before I'll be heading out of the country! So insane. It really doesn't quite feel real yet. Our flight doesn't take off until 6:30 AM on Wednesday, but we're heading out of here at about 3 AM, so it pretty much feels like it'll be today. I haven't decided yet if I'll try to sleep tonight at all. Doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense. I'll just be really groggy and have to battle for a spot in the shower (sigh) We'll see what happens.
I had a great couple days with Rebekah so that was nice. It was a great disconnect from the training world. For a moment I even forgot that I was in southern California, seeing all the things in her little apartment that were the same as when she lived up in Anderson. Plus it was just really great to catch up with her in person since we hadn't been together since Jessie's wedding last year.
Well, it's nearly lunch time. It's the one meal at this place that is actually worth eating, so I might as well enjoy it for the last time. Hopefully tonight we'll find a way to go someplace nice to enjoy our last real meal in the states.
My bags are all pretty much packed, and I think they're at the right weight as well, so I'm ready to be off. Please pray that they'll all arrive in Czech with me. When I flew down here I lost both my suitcases, and I REALLY don't want to repeat that overseas. Especially since I'll be living several hours from the airport! I'm not sure they have delivery services around there like they guarantee here.
Anyway, not much else to say except that the next time I write it'll be from the other side of the world! Good times.

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