Wednesday, May 9, 2007

One week...

Well, only one more week left of the ye olde Alaskan Adventure. Hard to believe I've been here for 9 months. I can safely say I will not miss being a substitute teacher one little bit. Well, except for the pay checks. But other than that, I'm counting down the days...and there are only two of them! Woohoo!
The school year actually doesn't bet out until the 23rd, but I figure, I really don't want to sub the last week of school. Already the kids are pretty much bouncing off the wall. While most of us think it's because they can't wait for vacation, the truth is that is only the case about half the time. It's sad to realize how many kids are freaking out over being home all the time. Many of them have pretty pathetic places to go back to. I was talking to a teacher yesterday and she was pointing out how a lot of them act out because it is a lot easier to say goodbye to someone you're upset with than someone you love. I feel fortunate that I've never had that outlook on goodbyes. I dread them, but I want every moment to be perfect up to that moment of departure. At least when it comes to saying goodbye to my friends. At the same time, I can remember how I'd let things at Mother's Choice really drive me crazy in the days leading up to my leaving. If all I could think about was how frustrating it was that people couldn't seem to put up a new roll of toilet paper when they finished one it was a lot easier to move on. It only partly worked, however. Still when I think of HK it's pretty much the best place I've ever lived. If only it wasn't so far away from my family! Wow, I'm really rambling.
Mostly, I just felt like I've been neglecting my blogs lately and wanted to remedy that a bit. Currently my main stress is trying to sell my Pathfinder. I got a few calls last weekend, but no takers and now I'm down to very little time to make the deal. (sigh) Just have to keep reminding myself that God is in control. He knows all the little details, and he cares. That really is all that gets me through any day.
Well, my computer has been a dork lately and shutting down right in the middle of things, so I should close. Yesterday it quit in the middle of my workout! Not fun. I tried to keep up my heart rate while rebooting and fast forwarding to the correct point. Every time I got through about 5 minutes of the video it would skip back to the main menu. Eventually I just had to give up and do the stretching section without finishing the real work out.
Hmmm, rambling again. Guess I should mosey.

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