Saturday, October 29, 2016

Whispers of the Fallen Blog Tour

Today I'm actually posting about two different books. The first one I will be highlighting is Whispers of the Fallen by JD Netto. I just started reading this one last night, so I don't have a whole lot of extra commentary to add. I'll let you know what I think once I get a chance to read it, but for now I'll share the details I have received from the author:

Title: The Whispers of the Fallen
Author: J.D. Netto
Summary from
Ever since the dawn of days, rumors about the Diary of Lucifer echoed throughout Elysium. Hidden from all human knowledge, the Diary was kept a secret, locked away in the small village of Agalmath.
Isaac and Demetre find themselves in a dangerous journey as they uncover the truth about the Diary and those who guarded it for all these years. However, for Isaac and Demetre, danger lies at every step, hidden in the most unexpected places.
Hunted by the Nephilims and the Fallen Stars, they must find others who will join them in the battle against the coming darkness.
Get your copy October 31, 2016 when they are re-released through Oftomes Publishing.

Born in a small town in Brazil, J.D. relocated to the United States during the late years of his childhood. At an early age, J.D. discovered his passion for fantasy stories and alternate universes.
Immersed in worlds created by Tolkien, Michael Crichton, C.S. Lewis and J.K. Rowling, J.D. found his own writing voice when he had the idea for his first book series. 'What if Lucifer had a Diary?
What if the Diary was a secret? What if the secret was a reality?'
These simple questions were the initial spark of inspiration for J.D.'s first literary work. After six years, he self-published his first novel, The Whispers of the Fallen, on November 30th, 2012, which was then picked up by Untreed Reads and re-released in August 2013. The Whispers of the Fallen series has become a prominent presence in YA literature, captivating thousands of readers worldwide. The sequel, Rebellion, was released at BookCon 2014 in New York City. The third book in the series, The Gathering of Shadows, was released on Halloween 2015.
Today, J.D. Netto joined the OfTomes family, a micro-publishing house founded by internet sensation, Benjamin of Tomes. The new editions of The Whispers of the Fallen books will be hitting shelves on Halloween 2016.

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Remember, the books are being released on Halloween, so now is a great time to discover them :)

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