Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Lost Legacy:Awakening and Wandering Review

I have been spending a lot of time over the past few months immersing myself in the world of Instagram/Bookstagram. I have met so many interesting readers and writers, and learned so much more about what modern day readers are consuming. It is fascinating to see all the ways in which the world of publishing has changed, and how social media can effect the popularity of a book. The old adage of not judging a book by it's cover is in serious danger as beautiful pictures boost marketability. As a writer, I'm soaking all of this information in, and hoping that it will help me to produce better books that will reach a wider audience.

Today I am bringing you information about an author that I met through her Bookstagram account. I was lucky enough to receive her books for free in return for my honest reviews and feedback. C.E. Dimond is in the midst of writing the Lost Legacy Series. These stories follow the life of Finn as she learns that her suburban upbringing is just a cover. The truth is, she is part of a long line of witches, and she must learn about her past in order to protect the future.

Wandering, is actually a prequel, which talks about the past of Eamon, the young warlock who protects Finn, and brings her to their clan. I really enjoyed both of these stories. They are quick reads, and have a good balance of action, intrigue, humor, and a touch of romance. They make a great addition to the world of paranormal romance, and I am looking forward to seeing where the next book leads.

I also had a chance to ask the author some questions. Here are her great answers:

1. One of the questions I love to ask fellow authors revolves around organizational skills. Would you call yourself a planner, or more of a pantser (flying by the seat of your pants throughout the process)?

I am definitely a pantser. I sit and write what comes to me and I never organize or plan until after I have the bulk of the story written, especially when it’s a new idea. Generally, I start at the beginning, and then I write the ending. Finally, once I have a beginning and an end, I go back and fill in the rest of the story.

2. When did you decide to go back and write a prequel in your series? Was there anything in particular that prompted you to make this decision?

I decided to write the prequel in February of this year! A lot of readers were asking for more information on Eamon and the other boys in the Coven. I figured what better way to give that information than through another story. The idea planted itself in my mind and by the end of the week, I’d already written half of the story. I knew that the sequel was going to be another year or so to complete so I wanted to give my readers something to give more insight into the Lost Legacies world.

3. Similarly to question one, do you follow perfectly planned character sketches from the beginning, or do you let your characters surprise you as you go?

My characters have minds of their own. Honestly, I can plan out their entire personality and suddenly something happens in my writing that shocks even me. I find it best to let the characters tell me what’s going to happen, instead of the other way around.

4. Are there any behind the scenes things about your characters that you can share? For instance favorite food, movie, dance style, celebrity crush, etc. that isn't mentioned in the books?

Finn loves anything that isn’t cooked by her mother, but she definitely has a preference for curries and spicy food. Her favourite movie is The Wizard of Oz, she always dreamt of being swept away on an adventure. If Finn had a celebrity crush right now, it would definitely be Shawn Mendes.

Eamon is a big reader and his favourite collection of stories is Dubliners by James Joyce. He enjoys the insight into the lives of the country his family was forced to leave behind. He feels it keeps him a little more grounded than your average heir apparent may be.

5. If you could meet one of your characters in real life, who would you chose and how would you spend the day together?

I think if I could meet any of the characters in real life it would be Declan. He is genuinely kind and I feel like we would get along really well. If I had to force him to spend the day with me, I think we’d probably wind up at the park hunting Pokemon and exchanging stories. I’d love to know about all the faeries he’s seen.

6. And now, probably the next important question of them all, when can we expect the next instalment of Finn and Eamon's story?

DESCENDING, the next instalment in The Lost Legacies series is expected for release July 2017!!

I’m still in the process of completing the story and polishing all the new characters that are coming into play!

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