Saturday, March 7, 2015

Musical Time Capsule

This week I filled my cars CD player with an assortment of mixes and discs from my Hong Kong era.  One, in particular, struck me profoundly as I listened through it.  All the songs were ones I still think are amazing, but the themes were definitely lacking in lightness.  As my mother has often pointed out, a least majority of them were downright depressing.  They are songs I have turned to on dark days, in times of stress, frustration, heartbreak, and general gloom.  

As I listened to them this week, with the sun streaming through the windows and my life in a very different location, I wondered what I would say to myself on the days when I was putting this assortment together.  I actually sent a message to the friend I made the mix for and asked if I was really such a drag to be around as my collection seemed to portray.  Was I so afraid, so alone, so desperately in need of escaping from myself, as these songs implied.

It fascinates me to see how much the music I listen to can sum up an era.  I haven't bought any new music in several years, not because I don't love it anymore, but because it is not in my budget, and so easily accessible online that it hasn't made sense to invest.  If I made a mix today, it would definitely be lacking in anything up to date, but I'd like to hope I would chose a few more hopeful songs with people, rather than those ones I turn to when I'm in need of serious music therapy :)

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