Monday, July 15, 2013

Something about Swedes

There is something about playing tour guide in the place where you live, that makes it all that more magical. I have been the host in Hong Kong, I have made the most of my knowledge of the Czech Republic to be a guide, but last week was my first opportunity to show off Oregon.

I guess that's not really true. I drug my husband across the world, hoping to fill him with the wonders of the US, but I was struggling so much to figure out what living here was going to mean to me that I was a very pathetic and irresponsible tour guide. In truth, most of the exploring he and I have done, has been new to me as well. The sort of blind wandering that happens when you move to a completely foreign landscape, only this was supposed to be my home.

Anyhow, this time we had a chance to take the things we have discovered over the past year, and share them with my Swedish friends. Thanks to a little schedule rearranging, we had three days off in a row, giving us a decent amount of time to really see some things.

So here's the crazy schedule we threw together. Malin and Anders arrived late on Monday, so we came straight home and got some sleep since we did have to work on Tuesday. After showing them the store, and getting a fresh take on what we might be able to do in the store, we sent them off with our car to enjoy Portland. After a horrible escapade in which the car keys went missing in the parking garage, they finally made it back to the shop and we took them to Southeast Portland to enjoy the food carts. I was curious to try the Viking cart, but they were closed, so we stuck with Mediterranean food this time around. We headed back home and had a nice evening in complete with some crazy American sweets, and Foosball.

Well, I was going to try to add photos, but I'm currently, having issues. What's new? So in the end, I might just end this here, as a pathetic portion of a blog, and wait until I can do things differently. I've had trouble adding photos from my phone before, but now it acts like I can, only not from my computer. Is there a reason they make these things so complicated? Honestly, you would think that technology would get easier, not increasingly more complicated. And here I am ranting about nothing whatsoever.

Ten, just when I thought I had it solved, I didn't so for now I'll leave it be, and come back soon with more about the visit, and hopefully some photos to boot.

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