Friday, April 19, 2013

The Flower Obsession is Back!

Spring. It's a tough season to miss. Despite gray skies and cool temperatures, it comes in with a flash of color that dares the world to pay attention. We've actually been pretty lucky over in this little corner of Oregon this spring. Gorgeous sunny days have snuck their way in, giving the opportunity to really enjoy these bits of joy that defy the cold embrace of winter.
One of the many benefits of living in my grandparents old home, is being able to enjoy Grandma's beautiful flowers. While the yard may not be quite as immaculate as when she was around to take care of it, memories of her are clearly in bloom.

I've been enjoying my new iPhone, which is much easier to hook up and download pictures from than my old phone was. This means being able to share some of my Instagram entertainment as well. All that last set of photos were of the camellia bush at the side of our house. It has been absolutely fabulous this spring.

The neighborhood has a nice variety of other flowers around, so here are a few other offerings from around the block.

In the few free minutes we have free from the store, we have driven around to enjoy the beautiful nature that Oregon has to offer. My next post will cover some of the more dramatic views that we've partaken of, but for now, we'll stick with the flowers :)

Yes, Spring is definitely in the air around these parts.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Sarah! Love them all!-> Mom