Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fire Chasers

Even before there's a scent on the wind
It begins to billow
Floating heavily upward
A shadow on the horizon.

We fix our eyes upon the growing tower
All questions, concerns and curiosity,
With breath held wondrously
Following the smoke.

Over hill, round perilous bends,
A mythological undertaking
To discover the source
And decipher the meaning.

A spark of flame was in the trees,
Glowing yellow and orange
Bathed in green
But this was not the fire.

We race and ramble on rocky paths,
Searching frantic
Until at last
We drive away unanswered.

Yesterday we set out on what ended up as a wild goose chase. As we drove around enjoying a sunny fall afternoon, we spotted the smoke rising and thought we'd give it a chase. It was a rather adventurous ride, but we never actually made it anywhere close to the blaze. All the same, it was worth it.

The birds sensed the danger and flew wildly.

We could tell we were on the right path as we flitted through the fields.

We drove through the forest and found great beasts.

And other wild creatures.

Then we took a break to look for gold which we also didn't find, but there were some interesting photo ops...

What mysterious stones.

And haunted flowers.

As well as some other lovely green leafy things.

And a little bit of posing as well.

And though we never found the fire we ended it off with a beautiful rainbow.

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