Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Forget 29, I'll claim 23...

Or at the most 26. That works, right? I could just stay there for a really good long time. I mean, compare, here is me at about 26:

And here is me last week:

I don't really look THAT much older after all :)
What a great day it's been. I woke up at Tammy's where she sang me a groggy happy birthday, I then met up with Laura who is here on her annual visit for ESI. It was so great to have a chance to catch up with her and hear how things are going and giggle over everything happening in my life.
Then Mark and his parents picked me up and took me shopping. I'm so happy Karlovy Vary now has an H&M. We had a lovely time running around despite the horrid drippy cold weather and then stuffed ourselves on a nice dinner on the drive back. I decided that, contrary to my usual choices of salad or pasta I would eat something hearty and Czech, so tonight it was turkey with peaches, ham and cheese on top, together with krokety and "devil" sauce. Almost had to be rolled out when I was through, but it sure was tasty.
We came home where I was greeted by a phone call from Mark's sister's family who greeted me in a mix of German, Czech, and English (the girls are studying English in school). It was so sweet to have such a precious phone call. I'm definitely blessed to have yet another set of lovely nieces and nephews. The boys were too shy to talk on the phone but their mom delivered their message ;)
Now it's time to enjoy a relaxing evening at home. It's been a lovely day so far and I feel so blessed.


Rebecca McNeil said...

Thought about you today, chica!! So glad the day was filled with love and community!

Krista said...

You look fantastic, of course! Happy Birthday! I think 23 is a good age. Stick with that!