Monday, October 4, 2010

Closing the season

So I have some new pictures to put of the garden and also of Marianske Lazne in the fall, but I took some at the end of summer, before my trip to Germany, and I wanted to put these up as well.
I'm far from what anyone would ever call a gardener. Unlike my mother, playing in the dirt has never been something I found real joy in. Sure, I like pretty flowers as much as the next girl, and fresh fruits and veggies are pretty spectacular, but I don't know much about the process of creating them.
When I was growing up I had one plant that was mine. It was a funny long vined sort of things with short pokey green leaves that sprung out on all sides. I'm sure that Mom, again, would know what it was called, but I don't remember any more. I thought it was pretty special to have a plant that was mine, but I'm not sure I was ever the one who watered it. When I was older I moved on to Cacti. Definitely easier to keep up with. And I had several plants that stuck with me through my years in Czech. I did a lot better keeping them living than the bonsai tree I bought in HK that died within the week because I didn't realize the required daily watering. Although the pretty peace lily that Crystal gave me for my birthday my first year here acquired bugs that caused the flowers to stop producing until about the time that I passed the flower off to Karina. Ah well. It was fun while it lasted, and at least I didn't kill it.
I do remember Mom sometimes commissioning me to water the flowers in her beautiful flower boxes in Horse Creek. I'd sometimes help her weed for about five minutes, and I could only handle the watering because I knew there would be trouble if I didn't get it done. But, like I said before, it was far from being a passion of mine.
I've discovered, however, that what I do like is seeing the beauty in the garden and photographing it. Doesn't have to be done quite so often as weeding and watering, and has a more lasting result. So, without further ado, I give you some pictures of the garden in late August.

As you can no doubt tell, I had trouble deciding which of the photos was the best. So I just put them all in pretty much. I was fascinated by the grape vines and also the apple trees. Everything so fresh and green and growing. Love it!

The cottage continues to progress as well. Mark and I went to help out with it on Thursday last week and I was impressed by how much it is changing. I'll be sure to put up some more photos when I move on to the fall photo shoot next time :) Until then, I'm dreaming of warmer weather and trying to survive the chill. See, I sent all my sweaters to the states already, and don't really have the room to go and buy any new ones...such is life.

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