Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flying out in the morning

Well, my summer trip is definitely reaching it's finish line. Hard to believe how quickly it has flown by. I really should be packing at this moment, but there was part of me that just couldn't leave home without putting up my 200th post! Kind of exciting somehow. Of course 200 posts over about 3 years isn't really so enormous a number, but it impressed me a bit.
Today I had to say goodbye to Janet and the boys as well as Jessie and Citlali. Now there are only Mom and Dad to go. It's always hard to end this time and be on my way again, but I really do feel this is what God wants me to do. Plus, I am looking forward to seeing what the future in Czech will hold :) So for now I'm throwing my life together and preparing to make that horrendously long flight once again. Can't say I'm REALLY looking forward to that, but it's inevitable. I mean, it's soooo much fun to go on really long flights so EVERYONE should want to try it and come on out to visit me! I mean, there are people who cook for you, clean up after you, and let you watch movies for hours and hours on end. Your only responsibilities are to be there on time, to make all your connections. and to try not to pass out on your landings...or maybe that's just a problem I've developed.
Anyhow, I'm off in the morning, so next message will be from Czech. Time for me to start up another round of newsletters as well, so I hope you're all out there awaiting them with bated breath because, as usual, they're going to be A-MAZE-ING! ha!
Thanks for a lovely summer to those of you I was able to see, and to those I missed out on, hopefully we'll bump into each other soon on one side of the ocean or another!


Anonymous said...

hello TD,

I'm just czech ESL student but in your first sentence "reaching it's finish line" I would write "its" without apostrophe as possessive pronoun :-)

haha, wish you the best in cz!


Transient Drifter said...

ha, that's hilarious, and totally true. Whether you ever check again or not, blessings to you. I type fast and don't always analyze ;)

Anonymous said...


just to know. I commented your posting because I knew that you are an English teacher here so it was just a little mischief to tease you :).

Probably I've had a good english teacher. It's been Jonna for 2 years. I saw her on some old picture in your gallery. The reason why I read your blog is 'cause you're so active in writing & despite the fact that I have a cable TV there is nothing mainly garbage so reading your blog is more interesting to see the things in cz from the other side & to increase my vocabulary & so on.

Yeah, apologize for my english. You know I'm still learning & always will :-)
Today I've seen a book written by F.Kafka "Early tales" in english but the price was horrible. 400 Kc for paperback :-(.
My name is Libor. I have a beautiful, young & intelligent wife, 2 kids the boys & I'm learning english in Ostrava @ Fishnet.

I don't know how this happened. I clicked some link on you blog & it moved me somewhere else on bebo & I read you post here.

Ha ha, spell czech is cool !

Dont't get me wrong I'm not a psycho. Everything you post is public available. Maybe we'll meet somewhere in future in flesh.

Don't have Visa use Mastercard! I know It's stupid but maybe it makes you laugh.

Again, wish you the best