Thursday, June 25, 2009

One day left in Cheb!

I had some crazy idea that I'd like to hit 200 posts before I left the Czech Republic, but unless I post a couple times a day for the next day or so I don't think I'll manage getting there. Ah well. Probably wouldn't have much that was interesting to say if I posted so often. I still think it'd be fun to try the month of posts at some point. My friend Ann did that a few times, and it was really interesting to see what all she came up with to say. Of course, right now I have enough journal back logging to do that I really don't have time to do so many posts. Suddenly the time is just accelerating so rapidly that I don't have time to get in all those little details like writing for hours on end in my journal. Fortunately I have a 19 hour journey coming up in a couple of days. I should at least manage to get some writing done in all that time :)
Today is our last real official day of classes. I have two left this evening. I'm hoping I can convince them to go out and just have fun. My last class last night just wanted to sit here in the building and talk like normal and play scrabble. Strange how different it all has been from last year where I had classes begging me all the time to go out to a pub to talk instead of having normal class. But every year is different I guess.
Tomorrow we'll be presenting the daily students with their certificates. It's really exciting to see how much they have learned this year, but rather sad to see them all go. I've really enjoyed all my daily students this year. I worked with two different daily classes so I had about 20 students between the two and they were all a lot of fun. It's hard to imagine what the next group will be like. I'm just hoping we have a good turnout next year. Jarmila is a bit nervous as we currently have only 3 students registered for next year, but I know it is all in God's hands and He'll provide what we need.
Well, it's class time now so I'd better go check and see if I even have any students this evening. Almost done! Wahoo!!!

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