Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pistachio Milk

This afternoon I'm drinking pistachio milk. I'm going to guess that most of you out there reading this have never tasted pistachio milk. Can't say it's really a very typical thing for me either, but I bought it a week or so ago, remembering a time when Nicole tried it and it was kind of like drinking pistachio ice cream. And, well, it still tastes like that. So while David wouldn't be totally impressed by the fact that I'm drinking Milk, I'm at least drinking something in the vicinity.
My Prague weekend wasn't really much to speak of. I arrived at about 12 and was fortunately picked up. It was particularly fortuitous seeing as how we took a random night tram, and I would have had no idea how to find or use this tram without help. The boys of Nad Aleji were all frantically trying to pull grades together, so while I went to sleep in their guest room, they worked until 4 AM trying to finish up and still not doing so.
I did a couple class observations on Friday. That was actually pretty fun. I was pretty jealous when I got to observe Ben's literature class. I'd love to be teaching literature, but it just isn't possible here. (sigh) Since they still weren't done with their grading, I ended up down in their flat by myself pretty much all day, in a room with no windows, reading "Wuthering Heights." Yup! That was my exciting Friday in Prague.
Saturday we had our big Spiritual Renewal Retreat. Can't really say I was very renewed. In fact, the speaker was a bit disjointed in his thoughts and words. I learned later that he was having issues with kidney stones or something, which helps to explain it a bit. We did have a really good prayer time though. There were a couple different art and craft sections. One of them totally brought me back to 6th grade as I ended up making a traditional friendship bracelet there. "Where are the spiritual aspects of a friendship bracelet?" you may ask. Well, each color represents someone. I chose White to represent God, Green for me, Blue for Laura, and Purple for Tammy. As I tied each section I prayed for the person in question. It was actually a really good exercise, and currently I'm wearing it as a reminder of the prayers said, and those that continue to be needed.
We went to the same less than great Mexican restaurant we went to last year. I wasn't quite as disappointed this year, as my expectations were not so high. And lately I've actually managed to have some semi decent Mexican food at home. Nothing close to a meal cooked by Jessie mind you, but relatively resembling something tasty. The hang out time was nice, and I got to feel like an old timer, which has its benefits :)
Sunday we didn't do a whole lot. Just hung out in the morning then did a little shopping and had lunch at McDonalds. I was hoping to get to Starbucks as well, but it just didn't work out. Ah well.
So life proceeds as normal. Classes are okay. I tried my best to be a good strict teacher and gave a test today. It didn't go over very well, but at least I'm trying :)

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