Saturday, October 20, 2007

Um, snowing???

Yes, definitely snowing. Last night. Flakes falling all around. It seemed that they surrounded only the light posts. White shapes falling densely. Sometimes fast like a strobe light. Then slowly floating down and coating the cars in a light dusting. It's only been fall for a month. How do we have SNOW???
Last night we went to a party at our boss, Jarmila's, house. It was a lot of fun. It was mostly just the other staff and their families, as well as a relative of Jarmila's husband, and a former teacher. The party was out at Jarmila and Tonda's farm. The place was absolutely amazing! We're talking a storybook sort of farm with steep ceilings and old stables made into extra rooms. The furniture is all antique. There were a number of pieces from the early 1800's. Tonda has done a lot of work renovating the place, which has been in his family for years. He was actually born there.
We took a brief detour outside to meet their 4 horses. I did my best not to let their dogs, which are the size of ponies, knock(keep in mind that the k is silent!) me over or get me all wet and muddy. They also have a small herd of sheep with huge tails. The place was pretty much amazing. Sadly, I didn't end up taking any photos, but Jara, one of our students, was there and he got quite a few so maybe I'll get some later.
There were also a couple of really cute babies there. I got a bit of a fix, but have yet to work up the courage to ask one of the doting mother's if I can hold their precious offspring. I keep hinting to the fact that I know a LOT about babies, and would be more than willing to, say, babysit, but have yet to have any actual offers. We'll see. It's still rather early.
However, for all that, we've been here just about 2 months now. How time does fly. I still feel like I have so much to learn, but classes are starting to feel a lot more comfortable. I had my second teaching observation, and feel like it went a lot better than the first. She had a lot of really positive comments to make. The main thing she wanted me to work on was using the names of the students to make it all feel more comfortable. I know this is really important, and usually don't have any trouble doing this in classrooms. In fact, this was one of the things that tended to really impress students when I was a sub. I'd learn their names as quickly as possible, and use them at all the opportune moments. Here, however, I've found it really difficult to remember their names. Many of them only said their names the first day, and since then they have gone by nicknames that I can't manage to keep straight. But I'm hoping to work on it so that the next time she observes me things will seem more natural.
Right now I'm enjoying the fact that it's the weekend. Right now Naomi and I are enjoying using the internet in a cafe' which is a nice change of place from always having to go in to the office. I must admit I feel some envy when I think of the teachers who have internet in their homes. At the same time, I know I'm a lot better off than those who have little or no internet access. So I try to keep it all in perspective and enjoy that I really do have a pretty easy time of it. And look at the beautiful place I get to live! So for now I'll do my best to enjoy this moment. To live and breathe (but not too deeply because there are people smoking nearby) and take advantage of the life God has laid out before me.


Crystal said...

Yes, yes, I know you're jealous of me. But YOU have CABLE! ;-)

Hope the Jazz Jam was fun. I would have loved the live music, but today was a good day to rest, and it has been wonderful to sit for hours doing nothing. We also had a great time with Kelly. We went to the Actus restaurant across the street from our flat building, and I had Kureci Mirka, which consisted of a pile of hranolky topped with a slab of chicken topped with slices of ham topped with an entire wheel of Hermelin, cut in half and melted. Oh, and, of course, the traditional sides of red and white cabbage and shredded carrots. It was quite, as they say, "typical Czech." ;-)

Anonymous said...

Snow, WOW!! David went backpack hunting this weekend and woke up Saturday a.m. under 8 inches of snow. He and Jim spent the whole day hiking to get out of it and never saw a buck. Sounds like things are going great. Jan