Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Alaska Adventure...

I've decided my Alaska Adventure will have to be subtitled: Just how many times can my car break down in a year???
I have found yet another fun, exciting, new place for my car to break down! I was cruising along at a nice 65 MPH when things began to get a little interesting. For starters my radio started going off and on. Then I began to lose power. Soon I was cruising along in the fast lane at a whopping 25 to 30 MPH. At least I was moving. I was still several miles out from where I was headed, and dying in the middle of the road was NOT on my to do list. I managed to get through a couple of traffic lights, but by that time my car was scarcely moving, and it would surge up and down between 15 and 20 MPH. Needless to say, the AM rush hour traffic was not overly thrilled by my performance. I was just thinking that I might make it all the way to work, when the silly thing decided to give out all together. I was just pulling into the left hand turn lane off the main highway when suddenly I had nothing in the way of power.
So, there I sat. Helpless amidst the swirling traffic. Alone and with little thought beyond the fact that I was going to be late, and if my car was really dead I might miss the Valentine's Party tomorrow after all the work I've gone through to put up with these little terrors for the past two weeks! It just wasn't fair.
I turned on my flashers and called the school and then called Cheryl, just so people would know. Then I sat as the temperature rapidly dropped inside my measly little Pathfinder. After about ten minutes of trying to figure out what in the world I could possibly come up with to do, a paramedic vehicle took pity on me. What a relief. Two very capable men came to my rescue and soon my car was at least out of the direct path of fast moving traffic that seemed intent on getting into the turn lane as quickly as possible regardless of non-moving impediments.
The guys offered to drive me to someplace slightly warmer than the side of the expressway, but another emergency vehicle approached from the other direction and slowed down so the driver could yell out at them and let them know they were missing an actual accident. Sadly, that meant no nice cozy ride in an ambulance. It's been a long time since I've had one of those trips...(sigh) Instead I had the joy of walking in the freezing cold for a couple of miles to the school.
I called the school and Cheryl once more, just to let them know again what was going on. I never looked back at my pathetic vehicle. I was NOT feeling the luv for Zed at the moment! By the time I was done with the phone call my hand was so frozen I had doubts that it would ever be quite normal again. I hurried along to the school as quickly as I could, passing a group of students who were heading the same direction.
Needless to say, I wasn't exactly in a chipper happy mood for my little miscreants. I had about five minutes before I had to let them in. Barely long enough to write their DOL sentences on the board and put their chairs down so I wouldn't have to put up with all their insane inability to move quickly. All the same, I managed not to seriously hurt any of them, although they are now saying I am only their second favorite teacher because apparently Ms. Wilson let them chew gum in class as long as they hid it from the principal. Nice. I did, however, give a couple lectures on the fact that I can still call their moms and make them stand on the wall at recess even if I am just a sub. I still don't quite get why they don't think they have to pay any attention to anything I say, but WHATEVER!
After school I rushed around madly trying to find someone who could jump my car. If I'd been smart and checked my phone I would have realized there was no need. Fortunately before I found anyone Tim entered the building. Ah the relief of being rescued. He'd brought along a reinforcement as well, and soon we were doing our best to assess the damage. Not surprisingly, no one had decided to try and steal the immobile beast. While jumping it did manage to start it, the instant the cables were removed the engine would die. Ultimately we had to tow my tin can back to Eagle River.
Pulling into the mechanic yard filled me with nostalgia. Upon opening the door I felt somehow compelled to say "Did ya miss me?" Instead I calmly informed them that my ignorant Pathfinder was up to it's pathetic tricks once again.
Now, for those of you who are waiting with bated breath to see how I will handle my sorrow over having to miss the long awaited Valentine's party, you may now breath deeply. I was assured at school that any time I showed up would be better than me not showing up at all. So I'll just have to wait until after Cheryl drops the girls off at school and then she'll drive me in. That means I can't get there until at least 9, by which time school will already have started, but my class has a pull out right away in the AM, so they'll hardly even miss me.
So that was my fun and exciting adventure for the day. (sigh)


Joni said...

I need to tell James about Zed... Haaa!! He had a pathfinder in Alaska... He took like 50 pictures of it and could have named it too. I am still pretty unclear about that. Glad you are safe!

jana* said...

wow sarah... looks like you're having an interesting time! the life of a sub is miserable in the best of times.... just be glad that you're not dealing with HONG KONG students!! i think i'm still traumatized... not to mention a nice torn achilles tendon to remind everyday of my happy times of teaching in the local school system... let's hope the czech rep. will be a different sort of experience!